Minikote EZ Hot Laminator

€25.80 €23.22

The Minikote EZ Laminator is perfect for classroom and office environments.

Minikote Two-Sided Laminator


The Two-Sided Minikote Hot Laminator is easy to operate and perfect for classroom and office environments.

ProFinish Cold Laminator


We no longer sell the Pro Finish Cold Laminating System. We do sell the laminate supplies.

XM 1255 Small Cold Laminator

€57.62 €43.86

The XM1255 is a smaller cold laminator that offers three solutions in one easy-to-use package.

XM 2500 Cold Laminator

€25.80 per 1 day(s)

The XM 2500 Cold Laminating System is the perfect partner to all poster printer systems. Protect all classroom and hallway visuals up to 25 inches wide and 300 feet long.

XM 4400 Large Cold Laminator


The XM4400 is a large cold laminator, capable of applying laminate, adhesive, or both to documents up to 42" wide.